Our TRANSFORM 12-month medical weight loss programme is designed to help you fulfil your long-term health goals with the support and advice of our full team of in-clinic experts.

Our Transform programme weight loss programme

£300 per month*. 12 month commitment.

Our Transform weight loss programme is our most comprehensive solution for sustainable, safe and guaranteed weight loss. This 12-month programme includes everything you could need to ensure your journey is a success and is completely tailored to you and your weight loss requirements.

With Transform, you’ll get weekly, 1-to-1 appointments with a GMC-registered Doctor, who will be there to support you every step of the way along your weight loss journey. To support your weight loss, they may also prescribe prescription weight loss medication, that is safe and effective and tailored to your medical needs and lifestyle. You will also receive specialist  and regular 1-to-1 appointments with a Dietitian, Mind and Movement coach,  and much more.

Designed to tackle every aspect of your weight loss journey, Transform offers guaranteed success to all patients who join it and we are confident in its power to do so.

If you are receiving your programme remotely, there will be an additional postage cost of £8.25 for each package of treatments you receive.

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**Please note individual results may vary & these results are not guaranteed.

Some medication types are an additional cost.
If you are receiving your programme remotely, there will be an additional postage cost of £8.25 for each package of treatments you receive. To find out how to save money on deliveries and get priority bookings visit our Prime Page.

Book your initial consultation with a Doctor at your local weight loss clinic, where we will check:




Waist to hip ratio


Body fat %


Body water %


Blood pressure


Heart rate


Heart sound


Lung health


Thyroid glands

The Transform medical weight loss programme includes:


12-month treatment programme

Commitment to your weight loss journey will increase your chance of success.


Weekly 1-to-1 appointments with your weight loss Doctor

Our fully qualified medical doctors are there to keep you on track and ensure you are getting the care and attention you deserve.


Up to 12 months of medication

Based on your requirements, your Doctor will prescribe weight loss medication tailored to you at your weekly 1-to-1 appointments.



Your Dietitian for weight loss will work with you on a regular basis to ensure the food you are eating is beneficial. They will regularly review your eating habits and adjust your diet to ensure you are kept on track.


Movement Coach

We know exercise isn’t for everyone, but a Movement Coach can set you realistic and positive goals for your fitness. Starting from wherever you feel comfortable and designed around your lifestyle, your in-clinic movement coach will help you gradually increase your activity levels.


Mind Coach

Receive regular mindset coaching from our qualified Mind Coach. Spend time getting to the root causes of your weight loss problems, and find out how to change your mindset, to help you develop the skills to improve your health and weight for good.


Private Facebook Group

Join our private Facebook group to some extra help and support from fellow dieters



A practical weight loss journey assistant to take with you wherever you go. Packed with information about our services, medication, diet and movement, there is plenty in our Filofax to keep you motivated between visits to clinic. Fill in the food and exercise planners and bring to your next appointments to review with our specialists.

Monthly supplement - GZ12

GZ12 is a weight loss supplement ONLY available through The Slimming Clinic. It is used by The Slimming Clinic to help appetite control and weight loss in conjunction with a healthy nutrition and lifestyle programme.


Monthly supplement - Chromium

Chromium is a mineral that is considered essential. We cannot make it in our bodies so it must be obtained from our diet. Several studies have indicated that taking chromium supplements can help obesity by reducing food intake, hunger and cravings and reduce the frequency of binge eating episodes.


Monthly body composition analysis

Monthly comprehensive weigh-ins on our body composition scales that measure areas such as body % water, body fat % and much more. This is designed to help you see changes in other areas, rather than just the number you see on the scales.


Water bottle

An important part of any weight loss journey is to stay hydrated. We wanted to make it easier for you to drink water with our branded water bottle with helpful timing markers on the bottle.

Learn more about our Transform medical weight loss programme by contacting your local clinic today. We will be happy to assist you and help your weight loss goals become a reality.

We will help you look better, feel better and achieve your dreams!

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