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Prime Delivery Membership
Join our Prime membership and get your deliveries for free!

What is Prime?

Prime is The Slimming Clinic’s premium delivery and booking system for patients.
Our Prime delivery membership is perfect for those of you who would like to save time on your deliveries of your prescription weight loss medication and get priority when booking your appointments.

What does Prime include?

Your Prime delivery membership includes:


Free delivery of all treatments for the full six months


Express delivery of your treatments – meaning you will receive them within 48 hours after your appointment.


As part of this premium service, you will also receive a text message or email the day before your delivery and if the day isn’t convenient, you can amend your delivery time and date to whenever suits you. 


If that’s still not enough, you will also receive a text message on the day of delivery with a two hour time window and even at this stage, you can still request an alternative time and date for delivery, should your plans have changed.


As well as this, you’ll also receive priority over others when booking in your appointments, with a guarantee that you will have an appointment within 48 hours after you call us to book in.

Our Prime delivery service costs just £50 for six months membership.

With each delivery you require currently costing £8.25, by joining our Prime delivery service, you can get express delivery of all your weight loss treatments and could save money!**

For more information about our Prime membership and how it could help you save money on your prescription weight loss medication, get in touch to speak to a member of our Customer Care team today.

**Please note individual results may vary & these results are not guaranteed.
*Please note: If a blood pressure or other reading is required before weight loss medication is safely prescribed, this may cause delays in the 48-hour delivery period.

**Money savings are depending on how many deliveries you require during your treatment programme with The Slimming Clinic

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