Medical Practitioner and Doctor Consultation

Our weight loss treatments and online weight loss programmes start with the best possible care, with a FREE initial weight loss consultation phone call with a GMC-registered doctor. Our medical practitioners provide professional, supportive and structured care whilst you are on a weight loss journey with us.

What happens at my weight loss consultation?

Our team of qualified weight loss doctors and medical practitioners are there to support you throughout your journey.

To ensure you receive the most tailored slimming treatment, you will have regular 1-to-1 remote appointments with a doctor or medical practitioner. At your regular telephone or online weight loss consultations with your doctor, they will ask you about your weight struggles, health issues and find out more about how your weight loss journey is going with The Slimming Clinic.

With every remote appointment with our online weight loss doctors and medical practitioners, we will be able to ensure you are supported, encouraged and still on the best weight loss programme for you.

Can a doctor help me lose weight?

An online weight loss doctor is a highly valuable asset in your weight loss journey, providing you with the medical advice and friendly encouragement needed to successfully lose weight.

Based on your first assessment, your weight loss doctor and medical practitioners will develop a strong understanding of your medical needs and what your body requires to lose weight healthily and successfully and deliver online weight loss support to you throughout your weight loss journey.

This will help them to build a bigger picture about you and enable them to construct a bespoke online weight loss treatment plan around you as an individual, rather than a generic plan.

Book in for your Private Weight Loss and Wellness Assessment at a health assessment centre near you, where we will check:



Waist to hip ratio


Body fat %


Body water %


Blood pressure


Heart rate


Heart sound


And more

To learn more about our online weight loss doctors and how a doctor can help you lose weight, call a member of our friendly Customer Care Team. Simply get in touch and we will be happy to help.
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