Dietitian & Diet Plans

As part of our Transform programme we offer 1-to-1 treatment with our specialist in-clinic dietitians for weight loss.

How can a dietitian near me help my weight loss journey?

The Slimming Clinic have the very best dietitians for weight loss working in our clinics across the country. They are part of our wider clinic team who will support and encourage you throughout your treatment, whilst offering you the guidance needed to effectively maintain a balanced diet.

A dietitian is highly beneficial to your weight loss journey due to their expertise in nutrition, health and food intake. They understand that knowing what to eat and how to balance calorie intake can be a struggle when trying to lose weight.

Upon starting your weight loss treatment, you will meet with one of our expertly qualified dietitians who will discuss your health and weight concerns, food preferences and dietary requirements with you. They will then give you tailor-made advice on how you can improve your diet and maintain long-term weight loss with a diet plan. You will continue to receive regular appointments with your dietitian, where they will discuss your progress and make any necessary changes help you improve.

Our dietitians also work closely with our movement coaches to help you find the perfect balance of nutrition and exercise, suited to your individual needs.

What is a weight loss meal plan?

A weight loss meal plan is a full breakdown of the recommended foods that should make up your three meals per day. It will be completely tailored to your existing circumstances, fuelled by foods that comply with any medical conditions or requirements you may have. But most importantly, your diet plan for weight loss will be packed full of plenty of filling meals that contain a good balance of nutritious foods that you enjoy eating. We want to make your weight loss journey as sustainable as possible, where foods can be enjoyed in healthy moderation.

Book your initial consultation with a weight loss doctor near you, where we will check:




Waist to hip ratio


Body fat %


Body water %


Blood pressure


Heart rate


Heart sound


Lung health


Thyroid glands

**Please note individual results may vary & these results are not guaranteed.

Learn more about how a dietitian can help kickstart your weight loss journey and book your initial consultation at your local clinic today. Get in touch; we would be more than happy to help you.

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