Have you ever wondered how our prescription weight loss medication works? We asked Dr Jane Glazebrook, one of our GMC-registered weight loss doctors, to debunk some myths around our appetite suppressants and answer some of the most frequently asked questions to put you at ease. All our appetite suppressants are safe, clinically tested and approved by healthcare professionals and are an effective way of aiding weight loss.

How do appetite suppressants work?

Appetite suppressants work by altering the release of chemical messengers within the appetite control centre of the brain called the hypothalamus. This leads to appetite suppression and reduced huger perception. This means you gain more control of your hunger, helping you to eat less food and thereby lose weight. We offer two types of tablet appetite suppressants at The Slimming Clinic: Phentermine and Diethylproprion.

How does Saxenda work?

Saxenda works in a very similar way to our tablets by acting on receptors in the appetite control centre of the brain to help control your hunger. Saxenda comes in injection form and contains the active drug liraglutide, which is similar to a naturally occurring hormone (GLP-1) that is released by the digestive system after eating. Additionally, Saxenda also delays the emptying of your stomach, so you feel fuller quicker and for longer periods of time.

How long does it take for Saxenda and other prescription weight loss medication to work?

You should feel the appetite-suppressing effects of weight loss medication from day one.

Will appetite suppressants completely take away my appetite?

Appetite suppressants are not prescribed to completely take away your appetite but to suppress/reduce it, so you have more control of your hunger and diet. Weight loss medication is a tool to aid behaviour changes, so you can concentrate on getting the right balance of the health and lifestyle changes necessary to lose weight for good.

How long should I take appetite suppressants for?

The length of appetite suppressant treatment is on a patient by patient basis. If you meet the criteria for appetite suppressant prescription, it can be a part of your treatment plan until you meet your target weight/healthy BMI.

Your weight loss doctor at your local clinic will advise you on the length of any medication treatment they prescribe throughout your weight loss journey.

I’m apprehensive about taking appetite suppressants, should I be?

Many individuals are understandably apprehensive about medication for weight loss. However, by choosing to be a part of The Slimming Clinic you can be assured that a fully qualified, GMC-registered weight loss doctor will be there to guide you through your journey.

Your doctor will only prescribe medication that is safe and effective for you personally. They will explain how the medication will help with your weight loss and any potential side effects that you may experience. They will also monitor you closely throughout your weight loss journey to ensure you are getting the best and safest results.

To find out more about how our appetite suppressants could work for you or to speak to one of our professional and supportive weight loss doctors, get in touch with us today on 0800 917 9334 or book a FREE weight loss consultation with your local clinic.

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